Itinerary Tour 1


Day 1 - Welcome to Ameland!

In Groningen you catch the bus to Leeuwarden. Here one of our eXperiental Travel guides will pick you and your family up to bring you to the ferry terminal in Holwerd. While on the ferry to Ameland, you can enjoy the beautiful sea or have a snack or a drink in the canteen. At Ameland, a taxi will bring you to the accommodation for the whole trip: the Bungalow Klein Vaarwater. The rest of the day you can just enjoy the beautiful island with your family.

Day 2 - Bike excursion

The best ways to see Ameland is by getting around on bikes to explore the natural beauty. Convenient, near the Klein Vaarwater Bungalow you can rent bicycles for children, adults and for people with disabilities. The tour will take about four hours and it will lead through Nes, Buren and Hollum.


Day 3 until 9 and Day 11 - Some time to relax and explore

This is the period of time where the family explore the island on their own. A map and a program activities list, with all the necessary information, will be given to the family when in Ameland, to create their leisure vacation. Don´t forget the beautiful white beaches that Ameland offers. With the perfect climate it is almost a sin not to visit the beach. Furthermore, leisure activities such as horseback riding, the waterpark and the museums are all interesting and fun for the whole family.

Day 10 - Wadden Hop

The whole family is going on a boat trip to the island Terschelling and Schiermonikoog for wadd-walking. On the boat you can enjoy various island, the coast and the Frisian Wadden.

Day 12 - Parents Day

This is a special day for parents. Because you have a day off! Therefore the Experiental team especially books a nanny to look after the children. So you are free to choose were to go and spend the evening. There are different splendid restaurants in Buren and the nearby town Nes. To finish the evening you can enjoy the different bars and terraces that Ameland has to offer.

Day 13 - chill on the beach

Today, it is time to enjoy the beaches in Ameland. Also a tour in an open beach bus is offered. Here you can see all the beaches of Ameland and you have the chance to step out of the bus and take pictures and collect the seashells of Ameland. After a nice day at the beach the bus will take them back to the starting point.


Day 14 - Time to say goodbye

The day to go back home has arrived. Early in the morning the family prepares to leave Ameland again. The same ritual from the first day will be performed. A transports will bring you back to the ferry.


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