Checklist for a pleasant stay



·         Come prepare for the train rides and the ferry.  The duration from Groningen to Ameland is long so bring plenty of food and games to entertain one another.

·         Prepare summer clothing, but also warm clothes in case it gets cold at night.

·         The same counts for the shoes. Especially for the bicycle tour and the waddenhop.

·         In case of nausea bring your medicine with you all time.

·         Do try to adapt to the costumes of Ameland. It is a part of the Frisian province, but is still has their own culture and habits.

·         Don’t try to over pack too much (heavy bags). This will be uncomfortable  when traveling a long distance

·         Don’t forget your identity pass. This is helpful for if there is an emergency. Some bike rental stores require an identity pass.

·         Health insurance is a must for all Dutch natives. This is important to have when going on any vaction. In case of emergency you are protected against all cost.

·         Any other important documentation that you might think is important for people in wheelchair are advice to bring with you. Also in case of any emergency.


Emergency numbers on Ameland:

Fire emergency number

Telephone: 112


Police emergency number in Nes:

Telephone: 0900 – 8844

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