Why we are special


- Your dream is our home -

So what makes eXperiental Travel different from other companies? Well, it's hard to describe, but there's just something about our trips - something that inspire people to book a trip with us again and to spend more time with their family.

But there are also some very tangible things that we think make all the difference:

Local knowledge

We have local knowledge and we know the Netherlands and its Island. It is our passion and our business so we try to be the best host. And because we are locals we can assure you to provide the best accommodation, the best dining and the best activities.

Environmental policy

We minimize our production of greenhouse gases in the following ways: we utilize the latest in fuel-efficient vehicle and our offices use the latest in energy-efficient technologies.

Customized Tours

We have a lot of experience in arranging tours especially for families with children to provide them an unforgettable family-experience. Our tours can be varied to meet the wishes of all family members. We are happy to create your own holiday packages.


The eXperiental Travel guides are available for you 24/7.  If there is a problem or if you just have a question - just call us!

Travel Policy

We are member of the ANVR which ensures you a guarantee of quality and assurance. We are also members of the SGR (Travel Refund Guarantee Fund) and the Calamity Fund.

For more information you can visit the offical ANVR website:

http://www.anvr.nl/engels.php  (english version)

http://www.anvr.travel/            (dutch version)

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